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The Components of the Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a device which was designed to simulate the smoking experience, without exposing the user to the health risks caused by smoking traditional cigarettes. The main components of the electronic cigarette are: the atomizer which is the heating element, the cartridge which contains the e-liquid and the battery which is rechargeable and is used to power the device.

How does the Electronic Cigarette Work?

When the device is activated, the battery provides power to the atomizer. The atomize heats up the cartridge which contains the e-liquid. The e-liquid vapourizes as it gets hot. These vapours which have a flavour are then inhaled by the user. If you think about it, this process is very similar to smoking a traditional cigarette, whereby a heating element (a lighter) is used to light up the cigarette which burns and produces smoke which is inhaled by the smoker.

The E-Liquid and its Flavours

The e-liquid plays an important role in determining the user's experience. It is made up of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, nicotine extract and a flavour. There are many different flavorus available on the market such as banana, coffee, mango, blueberry, pear and the traditional tobacco flavor.
Today, most types of electronic cigarettes allows for the e-liquid to be refilled, once it is finished as opposed to older models which came with prefilled cartridges which were to be disposed of once the e-liquid was finished. The many different flavours can make it somewhat difficult for you to find the flavour that suits you the best.  So, do not try all the flavours at once. Try them in small groups until you find the one that you can relate the most to.

Health Aspects

It is a known fact that tobacco products contain over four thousands chemicals which are harmful to your body. The majority of these chemicals are not present in the electronic cigarette. This is why it is consider a safer alternative.


The electronic cigarette is definitely cheaper than traditional cigarettes. This is simply due to the fact that the electronic cigarette is reusable. It is a fact that the initial investment is higher because you need to invest in the device and its accessories. In most cases, users are advised to purchase a starter's kit, which contains all that they need to start their new journey. Once you have invested in your starter's kit, they only recurring cost is the cost for the e-liquid. Surveys have shown that depending on the amount of cigarettes that you smoke daily, the electronic cigarette can reduce your overall smoking costs by at least fifty percent.

How can we help?

Nemi Cai Electronics is specialized in the sale of the electronic cigarette and its accessories. We offer many different types and models of the electronic cigarette, and we also offer all of the accessories and suppliers that you will need for your device. We also have starter's kit for those who are about to use the electronic cigarette for the first time.

We stock almost all of the different flavours of e-liquid available.

We are here to help you to live a healthier life!


We know that you may still have some doubts. This is why we advise you to read what some of our customers have to say about us and our products.

Jaime P. Whitehead

I have been heavy smoker for the past twenty years. I tried many times to give up smoking. Nothing worked until I bought my first Electronic Cigarette kit from Nemi Cai Electronics. The Electronic Cigarette has definitely changed my life. I feel much healthier now. I have been using the Electronic Cigarette for almost six months and have not had any urges or cravings for a traditional cigarette.  

Herbert L. Borman

I bought my first Electronic Cigarette Kit as an experiment. I was curious about the product, and I definitely had my doubts. I therefore decided to buy the product to see if the claims were true. Well, the electronic cigarette certainly did change my life. Better skin, better eyes, better breath and my sense of smell and taste were complete restored.  

Jordan S. Benton

I started to smoke at a young age. I tried to quit many times but was unsuccessful. The pleasures that I experienced while smoking were too much to give up, but when I had my first electronic cigarette, I realized that the electronic cigarette gave the same pleasures, without putting my health at risk. It too me some time to completely give up traditional cigarettes but I eventually did.